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How do I convert a geojson file to gpx?

To convert your gesojson file to gpx, simply use our 100% free converter below.

What is a GPX file?

A GPX file (GPS eXchange Format) is a standard file format used to store GPS tracking data. It is widely used to share and exchange location information between different devices and software.

A GPX file generally contains waypoints, tracks (or routes) and roads. Each waypoint is associated with geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) and other information such as name, description, altitude, time and date.

Tracks represent a sequence of geographical points that describe a route travelled. Each point of the track is usually recorded at regular intervals to form a representation of the GPS unit’s movement.

Routes are predefined itineraries, usually consisting of a list of waypoints that describe a specific path to follow.

GPX is an XML-based text format, which means it can be read by both humans and machines. It is compatible with a wide range of mapping, GPS navigation and activity tracking software. GPX files can be viewed on maps, imported into navigation applications, analyzed to extract statistical information on trips, or shared with other users to recreate specific routes or activities.

What is a geojson file?

A GeoJSON file is a geospatial data format commonly used to represent geographic information based on the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) standard. It is widely used to store and exchange geographic data in web applications and geographic information systems (GIS).

The GeoJSON format can be used to represent different types of geographic entities, such as points, lines, polygons, multipoints, multilines and multipolygons. Each geographic entity is defined by its geographic coordinates, and may also contain other associated non-spatial attributes.

A GeoJSON file is structured as a JSON object and can contain one or more geographic entities.

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